Would you be able to pick up my child from their school?

Certainly! We have an IELA designated vehicle which we use for school pick-ups upon your request. We can also pick them up by foot assuming the school is within walking distance. We will meet your child at the designated school pick up point, safely escorting them to our centre.

Where are you located?

We are fortunate enough to provide after-school care to the local area of Castle Hill through our convenient location. Located at 2B 8 McMullen Ave, Castle Hill, we are a short walk across from Castle Hill Towers shopping centre. Furthermore, we are close to public transport, being only a 2-minute walking distance from the main Castle Hill train and bus transport hub.

Do you only provide after-school care?

No, on top of our after-school care, we also provide a holiday/vacation care program. We understand many parents have to work during the school holidays. This is where we come in; we provide a fun yet educational program for kids to enjoy while their parents can’t be around.

We also offer specialised programs that can be used as a form of after-school extracurricular. This includes our Gifted & Talented Program and our Science Program. Offered separately or during our after-school care, these programs are a great way to stimulate your child’s mind.

Do you provide vacation care?

Yes! While it may be school holidays, we know a lot of parents will still have to work. To help parents in the local Hills area, we provide them with quality vacation care for the days they need to work.

With snacks and engaging activities throughout the day, you can trust our holiday care program to entertain and take care of your child when you can’t.

Can you make sure my child does their homework?

Of course! Being an innovative education program, we value the importance of learning! With dedicated homework time scheduled in our program, we have qualified teachers on-premises. Not only will they ensure your child completes their homework, but they can give your child assistance and guidance when needed.

What sort of activities do your programs entail?

During both our after-school and holiday care programs, we have an array of activities to help keep your child engaged. This includes a range of fitness and educational activities as well as games.

Our general activities include reading, board games, arts & craft, dedicated homework time, sports and Anti-Bullying and Resilience Education through our professional kid-friendly martial art programs.

We also offer the addition of our STEAM Education (this can be added at an extra price and will need to be booked in advance due to group numbers needed). An integrated and multi-disciplinary learning of “Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics”, this program is a great way to encourage critical thinking.

Other programs we offer include our Gifted & Talented program and our dedicated Science Programs which can be integrated into any of our programs or as a separate component. With the Gifted & Talented program, our qualified teachers will challenge your child to learn to the best of their ability.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, our Science Program is a great way to get your child immersed into the world of science through experiments while learning and having fun.

Can I tailor my program?

Yes! In fact, we encourage this! We know not all kids are the same and have different needs and interests. That is why we offer you the opportunity to tailor your child’s program with one of our featured programs, the Gifted & Talented program or our Science program.

Furthermore, we also allow you the opportunity to incorporate more fitness into your child’s program with the ability to add a martial arts lesson from our sister company, Shirudo. We are also flexible, tailoring your child’s schedule to suit any family classes you may want to add to the end of their session.

Can my child only go once a week?

Yes! We are here to help you, and that means whether you need it once a week or all five days of the school week, we can take care of your child as many times as you need.

The same goes for our vacation care program! Ran through all five days of the working week, we can help you with as many days as you need from Monday to Friday!

Do we have to pack food for our child?

No! We include snacks in both our programs. However, if you would prefer to or would like to suit your child’s dietary requirements, you are more than welcome to provide food for your child.

What are your after-school hours?

As an after-school care program, we start from the time most schools in the Hills District end, 3 pm. We have a few finishing times, depending on your program with the first pick up time being 6 pm and the second being 6:30 pm.

For an extra fee, we can also extend our services to 9 pm on Fridays, making it the perfect opportunity for those needing a date night. Due to it being an extended service, this will need to be booked in advanced. We can also offer extended hours upon request for other days of the week.

What other programs do you offer?

Other than our after-school and holiday programs, we also offer our Gifted & Talented program as well as our Science program. These can be done individually or incorporated into one of our usual programs.

The Gifted & Talented program has been developed to stimulate the mind of your child, tailored to their learning ability. This way, your child will be challenged and learn at their pace.

Our Science program is a more innovative and interactive program and has been made to offer a service unlike any other. Conducting science experiments under the supervision of our tutors, your child will be introduced to the world of science in the best way possible.