Interactive Science Programs and Experiments

Our Science Program is an entertaining and engaging way to introduce your child to the world of science. It will drive an interest unlike any before.
Filled with fun experiments that will challenge them, these programs are designed to get their brain ticking and get them thinking outside of the box!
From physics to chemistry, Science will have their minds stimulated and wanting to uncover more.

Science Experiments – School Years 3-6
Did you know? You only need lemons and a couple of things that can be found around your house to power up an LED light. You can also use an ordinary white flower and some food colourings to create a rainbow flower that becomes the envy of all your classmates. And you can even create an electric motor with three simple materials. You can even make your own flavoured caviar like Heston Blumenthal!

If your child is interested in science or simply curious about amazing science experiments, you can use materials that you can easily purchase or find around the household. There are over 100 exciting science experiments they will be able to do.

Incorporate our Science Program in your IELA Schedule

With the ability to be offered in both our after school and holiday programs, our Science Programs are a great way to add further interest in our IELA schedule.

Also available as a one-off program, this will not only allow you to tailor your child’s IELA schedule but will also give them an extra chance to experiment in their study-time.


Facilities for our after school care programs and classes create an engaging and exciting environment for young minds to thrive. They’re a winning alternative for parents and children alike, allowing them to develop new interests and build lifelong friendships.

An IELA staff member can collect children from a designated pickup point at their school and escort them to the centre either by an IELA designated vehicle OR by foot within walking distance.

Children can arrive at our centre by other means if needed, e.g. escorted by a grandparent, family member or friend.


  • Cafe area for light snacks before extracurricular activities
  • 2 large classrooms, for homework and educational classes such as STEAM, visual art or music
  • State of the art fitness equipment and martial arts gym
  • Fully air-conditioned with secure off-street parking
  • Separate male and female toilets, wheelchair access and disabled bathrooms
  • We are a 2-minute walk to Castle Hill trains and busses transport hub
  • We are a 2-minute walk to the major shopping centre, Castle Towers


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